Get Yourself Together

Get Yourself Together was a new theatre production created, written and performed by Josh Coates.  It was directed by Anna Ryder, and dramaturgy by James Varney.

The show explored “how mental health impacts autobiographical memory and the thin line between depression as a clinical issue and a political one.”

The design brief was to create a blanket fort that had elements of socialism, depression and comfort.  Again I was lucky to be invited to collaborate with a great team to theatre makers.  After talking with Josh I came with an idea for making a set out of blankets which were suspended like trade union banners.  Text and images that referred to different parts of the story were added to each blanket.

All the pictures and words were painted and hand stiched.  The item I was most pleased with was the trade union style banner I made as a publicity poster.  It was a useful and intersting technique to learn.

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