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New News!

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Less late than usual here is This was October and this is the taster gallery

Saturday 14th October 2017

Further site updates.

There’s now something to show on the Performance page.



Which Side of the Line



Jenny Kiss'd Me

And This was September is now up and visual for all.

And here’s a small taster of how that month went…

Friday 13th October 2017

Ridiculously tardy in adding anything to this site, but then it has been a ridiculously busy year.

Taking a little bit of time to update Drear Diary Digital (2017)  with all the pictures I’ve produced and posted on instagram for the project.

All the work so far can be found on these pages…

This was January

This was February

This was March

This was April

This was May

This was June

This was July

This was August

Tuesday 21st March 2017

** Site currently undergoing a bit of an update**

It took less time to update the website this time!

I have updated my Production Design page and have added information and galleries etc for two projects.

Mary No More

Get Yourself Together

Images from these two new galleries include….

Thursday 9th March 2017

** Site currently undergoing a bit of an update**

Embarassingly a month after the last update I have created a new section Current Projects for, well, projects I’m currently working on.

One of which is

Drear Diary Digital (2017)

Where you can see some of my recent work.  Here’s a taster:

Wednesday 8th February 2017

** Site currently undergoing a bit of an update**

Have just now added these three pages!

Drear Diary

…and Other Cheery Tales

Which Side of the Line?

Tuesday 7th February 2017

** Site currently undergoing a bit of an update**

I looked at this site last week and was rather embassed.  It was high time for me to do some work on it to make it look reasonably alright.  Please note that things will be added and substracted over the next week or so but it will be completed soon.

So far a new page for last year’s Useful Tactics project up and viewable.

Thanks for your patience.

Monday 4th July 2016
New online project launched for July: SLOGANS ARE NOT A NEW DEVICE

“1. A project about how I feel about Britain at the moment using slogans on trade union style banners.” from my note book in January 2016

I started writing slogans after a bad day at work. I wasn’t very happy and things kept popping into my mind. Depression Tourettes. So desperately low I came to the conclusion that the whole world was awful. This project is about being honest. Calling out the crap as I see it.

Or more sensitively put, finding better platforms to express feelings and thoughts on what society looks like to me at a given moment.

I began writing in January (2016), so much has happened in British politics since then – and in the last week – that I’ve pushed the release date for the project forward a couple of months. It’s rather pertinent now.

Over the next month at least I will be posting a new picture everyday via my new blog  Slogans Are Not A New Device

Consider this project launched.

Current show

Slogans Are Not A New Device But They Are A Useful Tactic

This is the online precursor to a new exhibition to be launched in the Autumn.

Past Shows

August 2015 – We Are the Spaces That I Am (Part 2)
Duration performance installation based on women’s mental health.

WATSTIA poster copy

April/May 2015 – Drear Diary and Other Cheery Tales
Solo exhibition of work based on journal entries.

ExhibPosterApr15 copy