J C Swindells

What is my artistic practice? Me_2

I am a multi disciplinary visual artist working in 2D mediums, film, theatre, live art and installation. My practice is essentially storytelling using reportage and journal writing. The work I try to make looks at human behaviour, how people move and react in day to day situations, confrontations and/or happiness. I make pictures with words about daily experiences and observations. Sometimes the pictures are based on stories people have told me.

I find things that people/the public have left behind. Graffiti, lost items, litter , etc. I like finding things in a town or city that are ephemeral — like the way sunlight bounces off windows and reflects on to a building opposite but only at a certain time of day.

Politics and gender politics are key themes in my work. Recently I have been thinking more about cause and effect, what are the consequences when a government issues a new policy? How does this affect the behaviour of the constituents?

Key influences are Steve McQueen, Sophie Calle, Louise Bourgeois, and Franko B. These artists have a frank honesty in their work I admire and hope to achieve too. In a recent series of work I used my own journal entries as a main source of content which were then embroidered onto unbleached calico. The repetitive physical process of embroidery has become an ongoing action in my performance work. It is a kind of gentile manual labour shown alongside the “frankly honest” thoughts I had at the time of writing.

Life. Nothing. Everything. Therefore 0, zero. Society. Truth. Politics. Gender Politics. Nature. Human Nature. Myself – sometimes body as site. Comedy. Absurdity. Death. Expressing Senses. Expressing Emotions. Points of view. Storytelling. Learning. Identity. Lists.

Embroidery/Stitching. Performance. Performance Installation. Installation. Paint. Pen. Fabric. Costume. Make-up. Scent. iPads. Digital artwork. Social Media. Photography. Film (one day more so). Collage. Words. Drawings. Voice. Lighting. Sound. Object. Myself. Tape. Pencil. Pastel. Thread. Alter-ego. Books. Lists.