Drear Diary Digital (2017)

Drear Diary Digital is another off shoot from Drear Diary.

Over the past few years I’ve tried to get into good habits for my practice.  The key aspect of this was to ensure that I made work more regularly and if I wasn’t actually making a nice piece of work then I should a least be writing down and sketching new ideas.  This has lead to attempts at daily journal entries.

My track record generally goes thus:

1st January (whatever year)

This year I shall endeavor to write everyday…
I am quite hungover.

2nd January (whatever year)

Well I’ve written something…

And so on for about a week.
I might manage to write something everyday for a month.  Eventually there are gaps between dates.  By June I’ve written an everage of about three journal entries a month.  Then after Summer, around my birthday I’ll write more diligently from October through to December.

Now last year I actually wrote more often.  There was a small break at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer but on the whole I maintained a decent amout of daily journal writings and/or sketches.  This was due to a few reasons.  Firstly I decided to stop doing part time work to commit myself to my practice.  (It’s difficult and as I write this I am frightly poor but I am relatively happier).  This meant that I had to generate more ideas, ergo more writing.

Secondly, politics.  World politics.  UK politics.  Lots of events to react to and against.  My reaction to all of this was to begin posting pictures everyday (for a bit).  This became the Useful Tactics project.  This helped me maintain a form of dicipline (for a bit) when making and writing.

Thirdly, I was given a really nice piece of kit.  Namely an ipad pro and an apple pencil (sorry for the product placement.  Other tablets and pencils are available).  It took a while to get used to but it meant I could make pictures and post them extrordinarily quickly.  No photographing a sketch, transfering it to a computer, altering it, rendering and posting.  I can do all of that in a matter of minutes now.

This technology changed how I produced work for my last exhibition Which Side of the Line?   Usually I’d write/sketch a picture in my journal, scrutinise it slightly before deciding if it was worth remaking, then sketch it out again on fabric, then stitch it.  I still wrote/drew something, but then redrew it on the tablet.  This extra step gave a better idea of whether the picture might be sucessful.  Additionally I now have a digital versions of my sketches which have other printing and marketing uses.

With all this in mind when it came to the end of 2016 I knew that I wanted to be making and posting work online everyday.  Not only has this become an essential part of my practice but it seemed like a good idea from a social media, self marketing point of view.

Come Sunday 1st January 2017 I was prepared to make something eventhough I was kinda ill and tired and grumpy (not actually hungover though).  There was little in my head so I wrote/draw little.  In fact I didn’t even draw.

To date (today is Thursday 9th March 2017) I haven’t missed a day.  Some days might be slightly late – ie I posted a picture at ten past midnight, but on the whole I’ve been fairly consistant.  Some posts are all writing, others are mostly drawing.  The sketches can be scribbly because it’s an instant picture, like in a diary.  If I have more time then the pictures might look better.  I’m not the happiest person in the UK right now but this seems to help.  I’m building up a body of work that can be used in future project.


Today is Thursday 12th October 2017 and I still haven’t missed a day.  In some respects it’s been a sucessful project.  A lot has happened since Thursday 9th March and I haven’t had the time to keep adding galleries.  I shall now attempt to get completely up to date over the next few days.

Drear Diary Digital (2017)

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