Drear Diary and Other Cheery Tales

At the beginning of 2015 it was high time I organised a solo exhibition for myself.  I had created a series of drawings and had formed an idea to make a small installation out of them.  The space I wanted to hire wasn’t available to rent for a few months.  A different one was free, however it’s layout didn’t quite fit with the plan I had in mind.  Undeterred I booked this other space and set about making a new series of work.

This became Drear Diary and Other Cheery Tales, embroideries based on some of my journal entries and sketches from 2012 to 2015 and a sub-project of Drear Diary.

Since making these pieces the challenge had always been to find the best way to display them.  Because they are representations of pages from my journal I like that they have a page or papery quality.  They are nice objects to handle but they are still relatively delicate.  Then there’s the issue of sellability.  They can’t be presented in too strange a manner if I want them to be bought.

I reseached different types of frames but I kept coming back to this notion of pinning them down.  Years ago I’d attached some canvass to some old frames with drawing pins with the view to restretching them afterwards.  The violence of the pins on the stretched fabric was a great accident and something I’ve wanted to use again.  In this case I liked the juxtaposition of these pretty hand embroidered pictures with pins.  So I ordered some unprimed canvasses and attached the pieces of fabric to them with silver dressmaking pins.

It worked well visually.  Although none of them sold.

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