100 Days in 2016


“1. A project about how I feel about Britain at the moment using slogans on trade union style banners.”  from my note book in January 2016

I started writing slogans after a bad day at work.  I wasn’t very happy and things kept popping into my mind.  Depression Tourettes.  So desperately low I came to the conclusion that the whole world was awful.  This project is about being honest.  Calling out the crap as I see it.

Or more sensitively put, finding better platforms to express feelings and thoughts on what society looks like to me at a given moment.

I began writing these “slogans” in January (2016) as a means to clear out rants that were building up in my mind.  After the EU Referendum (I voted to remain) I couldn’t contain my fear and sorrow.  This shouty series of sentences kept building.  I had so many that it seemed enough for a whole project.  Starting off with a handful I began a Tumblr blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and an Instagram account.  From Friday 1st July 2016 I posted one a day and every Friday wrote a summary including explanations for the seven pictures from that week.

As the project progressed I got some good feedback from people directly but on the whole there were very few comments made on each post.  I liked the discipline that came with coming up with a new sentence, statement or feeling, creating a new picture from scratch and posting it everyday before midnight.  Funnily enough it improved my general day to day routine.  It wasn’t all plain sailing.  Sometimes I questioned why I was bothering with this.  I’m not pleased with every single picture made in this series.  Often I was devoid of ideas.

There was no definite end to the project.  I had envisioned it continuing for much longer but eventually it became more of a burden than a useful daily exercise.  By the first week of October I knew it was time to give this project a rest.  At 100 days of slogans I decided that this would be a good point to break.

This project is now on hiatus but I would like to continue with it at some point.  I’m writing this on Thursday 2nd February 2017, the world is not currently without tensions.  So far this year I could make several poster slogans a day based on news stories.

Slogans Are Not A New Device But They Are Still A Useful Tactic was a bit of a mouthful when talking about this project so I’ve renamed it 100 Days in 2016.

Hope you enjoy them and thank you for reading

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